Human Foosball

Foosball just got way cooler. This game is just like table top foosball but with REAL PEOPLE.

Foosball is a popular table top game loosely based on football. This well known table top game has been modified into a life size adventure activity by replacing the pawns with actual people in a natural surrounding at Area83, Bangalore.

Human foosball is played by two team having five players each holding  series of pipes trying to shoot the ball through the goal post. The degree of freedom of movement is restricted to horizontal axis only to simulate the experience of the original game of foosball thus making it a very unique and exhilarating experience. Any group experiencing this activity will definitely leave as a team ergo making Human foosball a very good team building action packed activity .

Area83 was the first to introduce Human foosball in Bangalore, since then we have earned high acclaim for the comprehensive experience it has to offer combining fun, adventure and team building experience