Sky Swing

Drop from over 80ft to swing over the lake and enjoy the breathtaking view

We all have dreamt of a large swing at some point in our life as a child. Sky Swing at Area 83 is the
mother of all swings and has been designed to turn this dream into a reality.

The Sky Swing at Area83 lets the participants enjoy the breathtaking view of our lake as they are
slowly taken to height of whopping 80 feet before being released. Once released feel the initial jerk
and adrenaline rushing through your blood streams as the steel chords take you over the lake in a swing like motion. After a few initial rounds of screaming and excitement you will be able to relax and enjoy the swing.

For those who have an appetite for adventure and testing themselves come and try the Sky Swing
activity, an experience like no other our swing also happens to be the highest swing in South India.