Archery Tag

Use your bow and arrow, to tag your opponent and take them down while you protect your territory. 

The skill of Archery has significantly impacted the history of mankind in the fields of warfare and sport
since the Paleolithic age. It is safe to say that we have always wished to experience a war like
situation in a game at some point in our lives which has been made a reality with the introduction of
Archery Tag at Area 83.

Archery tag is an extreme combat sport which starts with arrows placed at the center which the
participants from their respective base race to collect and the moment you grab an arrow, the game is
live. The objective of the game is to destroy the opponent’s base as well as eliminate the opponents
by directly tagging them with your arrows. The arrows in the Archery Tag game have a foam tip to make it safer. Unlike conventional archery target practice, Archery Tag at Area83is an all round team sport
which gives you an absolute war like experience where in your aim, agility, vigilance and team work is tested.

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