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What You Need to Know About Us

Area83 is a Unit of Wonder Valley Recreations and Hospitality Private Limited, Area83 is a resort located in Bangalore, bannerghatta, we offer hotel room, villa accommodations, wedding venue, day-out packages for corporates, team outing and adventure sports activities to customers.

When you hear the name Bangalore, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Say someone asked this question a couple of decades ago; your answer would be "gardens," "lakes," "flowers," or "parks." Today, if someone asks you the same question, your mind will envision enormous buildings, IT parks, or the world-famous Bangalore traffic.

Although many may argue that the constant urbanization has led to the city losing its charm, remnants of the garden city still exist. Dare we say, not just in bits and pieces.

The Dream

It is easy to dream big. The hard part is to persevere until your big dream becomes a reality. When author George Koufalis named his book "The Dream is Free, the Hustle is Sold Separately," he was not joking. Everyone who has worked hard to make their dream a reality knows the level of hard work that’s required.

Area 83 was just a mere dream/idea a few years ago.

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"We at Area 83 believe that the beauty of nature should be free for everyone to enjoy. But, if history has taught a lesson, it is that "anything given for free is not valued."

-Area 83

Turning The Dream Into Reality

The force behind the dream

Liam Neeson’s dialogue from the film A-Team, "I love it when a plan comes together," repeatedly rang inside the head of our founder Shariq; he knew his idea was a sure-shot box office blockbuster.

What would you do if you owned about 28 acres of land in Bangalore filled with trees, a beautiful lake, and wildlife? Fall prey to the temptations of urbanization, or pay respect to mother nature? The choice was easy for Shariq. He chose the latter. He was taught to revere the power and beauty of nature, thanks to his family.

Big dreams require big investments. The faith that Mr. Akmal Sheriff had in his son Shariq is what made him invest in his dream without an iota of doubt. When that faith combined with the unwavering support of his brother Tariq, something magnificent was born just an hour away from the heart of Bangalore city—a place where people who love and respect nature can escape the mundane. That is what Area 83 is today—a slice of heaven within an urbanized city.

Preserving nature comes at a price; we pay it daily by keeping our surroundings pristine, and this is the reason why we want everyone who visits to pay a price so that we can keep Area 83 green and clean not just for our generation but for future generations too.

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