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Giant Swing

Remember going to the park with your parents when you were a kid? There were definitely a lot of games that caught your attention, like the slide and see-saw, but only one that you always went back to. A swing.

Everyone loves a swing. Age doesn't matter. Have you seen old people on swings? Believe it or not, they are reminiscing about their childhood too! The sensation of wind in our faces and hair when our father, mother, or friends pushed us forward, as well as the anticipation of the next push when we came back down, left most of us feeling euphoric.

How does taking a trip down memory lane sound to you? Maybe we should say, "Let us take you on a Giant Swing down memory lane."

We at Area 83 want to give you a chance to take a seat and enjoy being swayed to and fro 50 feet off the ground. With an alluring lake right in front of you, swinging at a height of 50 feet will feel like eating a piece of your favorite cake.

Don't you believe us? Come find out whether reliving your nostalgic moments can be an adrenaline-pumping affair. Challenge your guts and get ready to enjoy this enthralling activity under the guidance of skilled professionals.

You can go on this swinging adventure alone or with a friend who would love to soar to wonderful heights with you! Soar through amazing scenery, and if you get time when you're up in the air, don’t forget to say hi to the kayakers on the lake below you.

Get to Area 83, take a seat on the Giant Swing, gear up in secure harnesses, and let the ropes guide you over the lake towards excitement.


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