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Human Foosball

Foosball is a popular sport played by many all around the world. But have you heard of "Human Foosball"? It is a twist on the classic game of football. Well, who hasn't heard of football? You must be wondering what’s special about this game. Well, at Area 83, everything is special, and we like to leave you with a ton of memories.

Human foosball is similar to tabletop foosball, but it is played with REAL PEOPLE. Yeah, you read that right! But there’s a twist: football games can be won even if one or two players aren't on top of their game. When it comes to human foosball, it’s a whole different story. Everyone on the pitch is involved. You better hope your team is on top of their game!

Players are attached to a bar to simulate the original game of foosball and maximize the gameplay. It is played by two teams with five players holding a series of bars and trying to shoot the ball through the goal post.

How does defending your team's goal while kicking a ball between players and trying to score a goal sound? Easy? There’s a catch. The degree of freedom of movement is restricted to the horizontal axis (you can’t move forward; you are bound to move side by side) to simulate the experience of the original game of foosball, thus making it a very unique and exhilarating experience.

Here’s the best part: Players must work as a team and communicate effectively to achieve a goal. We can assure you that any group taking part in this activity will definitely leave as a team with better understanding of each other, making Human Foosball a very good team-building activity. If the player next to you moves left, then you must work together and move at the same time as them.

Remember, no teamwork = no goals = defeat.

We at Area 83 stay as true to the traditional game of foosball as possible, and our foosball pitch ensures the ball stays in play for longer.

Area83 was the first to launch Human Foosball in Bangalore, and since then, we have won praise for the all-encompassing experience that combines fun, adventure, and team-building activities. We want everyone to feel included; you don't need a great level of fitness, just a good sense of humor.



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