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Bubble Soccer

Who doesn't love football? After all, it is the game that introduced the world to legends like Pele, Maradona, Messi, and Ronaldo, all of whom we absolutely adore. Game-changing ideas are born out of thin air, and in 2011, two Norwegians decided that normal football is boring. They wanted to give the game a twist, a big, inflated twist. As a result, Bubble Football or Bubble Soccer was born.

Well, if playing football is something that interests you, Bubble Soccer will blow your mind. And you know what’s the best part? You don't have to be a pro footballer or travel to Norway to play it. You just have to get to Area 83, situated one hour from the heart of Bangalore city!

What makes bubble soccer fun are its rules and the way the game is played. Bubble soccer at Area 83 is a five-a-side game. Your upper body is encased in a big, inflated bubble, and the game play is identical to football, but there are no fouls, yellow cards or offsides. Get ready for a wild ride!

The game starts with players running into each other at full speed. The players have to dodge the opponents or bump them out of the way to score a goal. Unlike football, being tackled is extremely fun and exciting when you are inside the inflated bubble, as toppling in any direction, sometimes even getting flipped 360 degrees, is extremely safe.

Do you think you are a good multitasker? This game really tests your multitasking skills. For the record, kicking the ball while looking ahead as you try not to get bumped by anyone is multitasking. Do everything in your power to prevent the opposition from scoring. We promise you, you'll probably be laughing too much to keep track of how many goals you have scored. You are probably going to only remember how many opponents you've knocked off their feet.

The perfect activity for individuals searching for a group or corporate outing. Although playing a game of bubble soccer is a ton of fun, it can also be a fantastic team-building exercise. Alternatively, you can just have a great time with your family, friends or colleagues.

Have you started packing yet? We recommend that you start soon and come to Area 83. Collide, stumble, bounce, and fall all at once; Bubble Soccer will undoubtedly be the most action-packed, exciting, engaging, and safest version of football that you will ever play!



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