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Tree Climbing

Do you remember all those days spent climbing trees as a kid? The iconic childhood pastime of climbing a tree is one of the most basic forms of pleasure that most of us have experienced. We were never scared to try new things to keep ourselves entertained, and that’s what had us on top of a tree, plucking mangoes, or hanging off branches.

If you didn't already know, the art of tree climbing is no longer a leisure activity. Tree climbing is an adventure sport where people use specialized equipment to climb tall trees. It was transformed into a sport by the arborist community. This activity allows climbers to experience the world below from a new perspective.

At Area 83, one thing we have in abundance are trees. After learning that people around the globe are going gaga over this adventure sport called Tree Climbing, how could we not offer this as an activity for adventure seekers?

The climbers are given all essential equipment to make the adventure enjoyable. First-time climbers need not worry. The on-site instructor at Area 83 will brief you and ensure that the harness is set in place.

Research has shown that tree climbing is a healthy endeavor. Tree climbing helps you become physically fit, improves hand-eye coordination, and gives you the ability to push your limits. So when you make the ascent, remember that you are just trying to grab a few minutes of sanity that can do wonders for your overall wellness. And when you get up there, if you feel a wave of calm wash over you, enjoy it. You are free of the weight of the pull of your daily life that you left down below.

Grab your stuff and come to Area 83! Climb a tree, leave feeling energized and invigorated.



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