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Archery Tag

In myths and tales as well as contemporary literature and entertainment, archery is frequently mentioned, whether it was used to defend or protect people and kingdoms or to hunt for food for one’s survival. The bow and arrow represent the virtues of restraint, accuracy, independence, and patience. From Robin Hood and Lord of the Rings to The Hunger Games and Hawkeye, you’ve always been fascinated by the sheer flair with which bows and arrows were used. Admit it!

It is highly likely that at least a few of your ancestors mastered this skill; now is your chance to get in touch with your roots in a non-lethal way. We give you that opportunity with the Archery tag at Area 83, Bangalore.

Teams compete against one another in this game, trying to hit the other teams' targets without getting tagged out. Use your bow and arrow to tag your opponent and take them down while you protect your territory.

Archery tag is a combat sport. Arrows are placed at the center of the warzone; the bases are on either end. The participants from their respective base race to collect the arrows. The moment the first arrow is grabbed, the game is live. The objective of the game is to destroy the opponent’s base as well as tag the opponents by shooting them with your arrows. The arrows have a foam tip to make the whole process safe and a lot more fun.

We allow players to practice archery so that they can get accustomed to our equipment, which is essential for having the most fun possible. If you are wondering if this game is for you, fret not! Do you know what the best part is? Even those without prior archery experience can use our equipment. Archery Tag at Area 83 is an all-round team sport; no one will be left behind! Get ready to get that cardio in; test your aim, agility, vigilance, and teamwork.

We have comprehensive packages that are ideal for your brand, summer/youth camps, or corporate events! So what are you waiting for?

Visit Area 83 with your troops, try your hand at archery tag, and find out if you have what it takes to protect your territory.



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  1. How many players are in archery tag?

    Teams consist of 6 players, but may start/and or play with a minimum of 4 players. All players must be checked in with an intramural sports staff member before they are allowed to participate. 1. Teams must have a minimum of 4 players to start a game.

  2. How do you play archery tag?

    Here's how game play works: Each team has a 5-spot target, with foam inserts that can be knocked out with arrows. Each team also has large, inflatable bunkers on opposite sides of the field, behind which they can hide as they aim at their opponents' targets. Players are furnished with bows and foam-tipped arrows