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Water Cycle

We have all learned to ride a bicycle at some point in our lives. Cycling has always been a brilliant exercise. It gets you outside, gives you the freedom and independence to get around, keeps you active, and is accessible to everyone. As the world is slowly heading indoors, the desire to stay outdoors is sadly diminishing, and with it, healthy activities like cycling are taking a backseat. We refuse to stand on the sidelines and become mere spectators!

Here is something to cheer for adventure seekers and cycling enthusiasts. If you are looking to escape the humdrum of pedaling on the city roads to maintain fitness, you can now do it with ease. Area 83 raises the stakes by bringing you thrilling Water Cycles that allow you to cycle on water. Yep, you read that right!

The Water Cycle at Area 83 is the ultimate human-powered watercraft that lets you cruise with little effort. It is virtually impossible to tip over, non-polluting, easy to ride, safe, and stable. You can ride on it even if you have never ridden a bicycle before, as long as you have a good understanding of front, back, left, and right. Rest assured, there won’t be any wobbles or scraped knees.

It is easier to ride a water bicycle than a normal bicycle because there is less friction in the water. Apart from that, the overall fitness quotient and fat burned with the Water Cycle are way more than what can be achieved by any normal bicycle. The Water Cycle will help you burn fat while you don't exhaust all your energy very quickly, which is beneficial to your leg and calf muscles. Adding to that, there’s no traffic congestion, no traffic lights, and no potholes.

Are you still thinking about why you would want to cycle on water? Well, besides the brilliant benefits of cycling, our single-seater water bikes are the first of their kind in India. It has inflatable buoys that let you glide across the lake and give you serious bragging rights.

Cycling on our beautiful lake on a Water Cycle is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows adventurists of all ages to stay active and have fun while breathing some fresh air. This activity should be on your bucket list if you are living in Bangalore or planning to visit the city in the near future.

Jump on the Water Cycle! Forget your phones for a while, focus on the present moment, and pedal all your stresses and anxieties away!



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