Rocket Ejector

The closest you’ll ever get to a NASA expedition. Get ready to be strapped in and launched 100ft off the ground. Talk about an adrenalin rush.

Adrenaline is released in our bodies whenever we go through an exhilarating situation that involves danger along with excitement. Rocket Ejector at Area83 is the tailored activity for adrenaline junkies.

Rocket Ejector experience combines defying gravity by getting shot up in the air to a height of 70 feet in less than 3 seconds followed by a free fall from the same height. If you aren't screaming in excitement already then enjoy the 360 degree view of Area83 in that one brief second where you neither go up nor down, just stay still at the height of 70 feet.

If adrenaline and adventure pushes your buttons, then dare to face your fears and test your limits in Rocket Ejector at Area83.

NOTE : This ride is possible only for people weighing below 70kgs.