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Healthy Minds and Natural Environments

Events | Mar 31 2023 | By Nandini
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After the advent of the pandemic, mental health all across the globe is at an all-time low. This is not surprising because spending significant amounts of time confined to the four walls of your house can have a detrimental effect on your mind.

In light of the worryingly high mental health statistics, it is time for us to step back a little and look at the larger picture. There is a strong link between spending time in nature and having better mental health. People should be encouraged to leave their comfort zone of being indoors and venture outside for all the benefits of fresh air. Here’s how spending time in nature can improve your mental well-being:

1. A break from hectic schedules

You need time away from deadlines, follow-through on mail, maintenance, and all of your other demanding chores to just have fun and go wherever your mood takes you with no screen to distract you. Imagine sitting by a lake and sipping a cup of tea. Your phone and laptop will be the last things on your mind.

2. Minimizes feelings of stress and anger

It's no secret that the world is moving back to working from the office, and with it, things that push your buttons are making a comeback. Traffic, honking, short lunch breaks, ugh! If you lose your cool, it is easy to regain it, but reacquainting yourself with the feeling of calm is harder. It is for this reason that you should spend a day or two watching the birds and chasing squirrels. There is always a calming effect associated with it that will lift your spirits.

3. Socialize with others

Activities that force you to get out of your house are good for you. Adults can easily deactivate their social pressures by participating in activities like kayaking, outdoor paintball, and boating. Taking part in such activities helps people make friends and become more social. Your mind is healthier when you socialize and take part in activities together, as humans are social animals.

There is no doubt that technology is growing by leaps and bounds as days go by. Despite the availability of digital tools that can almost morph every experience, technology has its limits. Though Mother Nature may find it tough to compete with the indoor world as she can’t offer TVs, Netflix, or WiFi, she might potentially offer something even more important: mental peace. Don’t you forget that.

Even if you live in a big city like Bangalore, stuck at a desk, there are many ways you can access nature without breaking the bank. At Area 83, we have various packages to make our resort accessible for a whole host of occasions, whether it be corporate events, birthday parties, or even if you’re rocking up with a friend for a kayaking day out. Spend a day bonding with nature.

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