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Resort for Company Annual Day Celebration

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When you began your journey, did you visualize the firm’s 5th anniversary? 10th anniversary? 25th anniversary? Every anniversary is a chance to remind yourself of how far you've come as a company. It doesn’t matter if it is the 1st, 5th, or 25th anniversary; it gives you a chance to look back over the years and reflect on how it has shaped you. Remembering the past plays a vital role in understanding who you are.

Each year, organizations review several pieces of data from prior years to gauge progress and determine what to prioritize moving forward. But taking the time to reflect on the significant history of your company is just as beneficial.

Face it, no one wants to lose a good employee. Anniversaries provide a space for employees to take a step back and reflect on the organization’s journey to the present and recognise their personal role in it. This can encourage them to stay on and help the firm grow to greater heights.

According to statistics, over 63% of startups shut down before entering their third year. So do not squander the chance you get each year to celebrate your firm’s existence. This year, head over to Area 83 to celebrate your company’s anniversary. We can arrange a grand dinner by the lake for around 20 of your top executives, or if you want to host over 100 people in our state-of-the-art conference hall, we are just a call away.

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Guest Accommodations

We have a range of accommodation options including chalet, villas and suite rooms with exquisite features for our guests to have a comfortable stay.

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Food and beverage options

Explore from diverse range of food options available at Area 83

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Large and convinient parking

Located just a short walk from the main entrance, our parking area provides ample space for your vehicle, so you can feel confident leaving your vehicle there while you explore all that Area 83 has to offer.

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Lake side view

The crystal-clear waters of the lake stretch at Area 83, reflecting the stunning natural scenery that surrounds it provides a serene and mesmerizing view for the guests.


  • Alternate Text 18 acre private lake

  • Alternate Text 90% greenery

  • Alternate Text Spread across 11 acre

  • Alternate Text Fresh natural air

  • Alternate Text Ample parking space

  • Alternate Text Nursing rooms

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Had visited here for a friend's birthday and we had the best time. The activities are very well organized and they provide some flexibility. The staff was very friendly and encouraging. The place is a calm and serene spot away from the city hustle and oversees a beautiful lake in which you can do boating and kayaking. There is ample parking space available. The food was decent. Highly recommended.

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Sandya Sivakumar

As someone who attends a lot of corporate events, I can confidently say that the experience at Area 83 was one of the best I've had. The staff was friendly and professional, and the facilities were impressive. The team-building activities were engaging and effective, and the natural surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for productive discussions and brainstorming. I highly recommend Area 83 to anyone looking for a unique and memorable corporate event.

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Ashish Poddar