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Resorts with Team Building Activities in Bangalore

Events | Nov 23 2023 | By Likitha H
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When it comes to planning a day outing, corporate event, or resort in Bangalore for friends, Bangalore boasts a plethora of options. For those seeking an adrenaline rush and team-building experiences, the city's adventure resorts are the go-to destinations. One such gem that stands out is Area83, a resort in Bannerghatta Road, situated in the heart of Bangalore. Let's dive into the excitement and camaraderie that this resort brings to the table, making it a top choice for team building and fun-filled outings.

The Perfect Blend of Adventure and Team Building:

Area 83 is not your typical resort; it's an adventure hub that seamlessly combines thrill and team-building activities. For those in search of resorts in Bangalore for day outings or corporate events, Area 83 offers an exhilarating array of games and challenges that foster teamwork, communication, and camaraderie.

1. Pyramid Builder: Building Bonds, One Block at a Time

Imagine collaborating with your team to construct a pyramid using limited resources. The Pyramid Builder activity at Area 83 is not just a physical challenge; it's a testament to coordination and problem-solving. As each block is carefully placed, bonds between team members strengthen, making it an ideal icebreaker for corporate teams looking to enhance their synergy.

2. Paintball: Unleash Your Strategic Instincts

For the adrenaline junkies in your team, Area83 offers the thrilling Paintball activity. This team-based simulated combat game adds a competitive edge to your outing. Participants strategize, communicate, and execute plans, all while navigating through the carefully designed paintball arena. The only requirement? A spirit for friendly competition and a minimum age of 18.

3. Human Foosball: Life-Size Soccer, Larger-Than-Life Fun

Step into the oversized version of the classic table game with Human Foosball. Attached to poles, participants become the players in a life-sized soccer match. This hilarious and energetic activity not only brings out the soccer enthusiast in everyone but also enhances teamwork and communication skills.

4. Keypunch: Cracking the Code to Team Building

In the world of Area83, Keypunch is not just a game; it's a challenge that requires teams to communicate and coordinate effectively. Participants must work together to solve a series of challenges and puzzles. This not only stimulates problem-solving skills but also promotes a sense of unity among team members.

5. Meltdown: Stay on Your Feet, Dodge the Rotating Arm

A fun and competitive game, Meltdown, adds a twist to the classic test of balance. Participants strive to avoid being knocked off their feet by a rotating arm. It's not just about physical agility; it's about staying focused and adapting quickly to the ever-changing dynamics. Meltdown is an excellent choice for teams looking to infuse a bit of friendly rivalry into their retreat.

6. Pipeline: Constructing Success Through Teamwork

In the strategic game of Pipeline, teams must work together to construct a pipeline using limited resources. Emphasizing teamwork and communication, this activity encourages participants to think creatively to overcome challenges. It's not just about building a pipeline; it's about building a pathway to success through collaboration.

7. Magic Turtle: Unleashing Creativity and Collaboration

Magic Turtle is not your average game—it's a unique and interactive experience that tests participants' creativity, collaboration, and decision-making abilities. Teams navigate through challenges, relying on each member's unique strengths to overcome obstacles. It's a game that transcends traditional team-building activities, offering a refreshing approach to fostering collaboration.

Why Choose Area83 for Your Outing:

Apart from the thrilling team-building activities, Area83 stands out among resorts in Bangalore for its picturesque location on Bannerghatta Road. The resort provides a perfect backdrop for a day outing or corporate event, surrounded by nature and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Beyond the thrill of these team-building activities, Area83 ensures that your corporate team outings are a holistic experience. From comfortable accommodations to delicious dining options, the resort provides a seamless blend of adventure and relaxation. The picturesque surroundings add to the overall charm, creating an ambiance that is conducive to both work and play.

Whether you're planning to go to a resort in Bangalore for corporate outings, a day with friends, or just seeking adventure, Area83 has something for everyone. The resort's commitment to providing a friendly and engaging atmosphere ensures that every guest leaves with unforgettable memories.


In the realm of adventure resorts in Bangalore, Area83 shines as a beacon of excitement, offering an unparalleled blend of team outing resorts and thrilling games. From Pyramid Builder to Paintball, Human Foosball to Keypunch, the resort provides a diverse range of experiences that cater to all preferences. For those seeking a day of adventure, camaraderie, and fun, look no further than Area83, a resort with activities in Bangalore and also a resort where the spirit of teamwork and the thrill of adventure converge for an unforgettable experience.